How to deal with Algebra…

So 4:30 rolls around and I’ve been awake for a half hour now grinding hard on algebra problems in preparation for a test.  I swear the next horror movie I see better have some quadratic equations in it because for me, and a lot of other people, probably you  algebra is terrorizing. None the less I punished that test I had only one question that gave me any trouble and that was a word problem (the crowd gasps…) about how high a ladder is when placed against a wall.  I thought to myself…I wish this was real, as in real life. I wouldn’t do some equation (a^2 +b^2=c^2) that would take five or ten minutes…I believe that is why they created measuring tapes for. I mean if they had the measuring tape to be able to tell me how far the ladder is from the wall why didn’t they just use that same tape to see how high the ladder was?  A lot of math is apparently just for “fun” I guess there some kind of Ed Gein sadist mathematician writing math problems to solve for “fun”.  I mean I get it math helps with problem solving, finding out how far a star is away from the earth, etc. but in real life (unless your a math teacher) you never use it so you lose it.  I was great at algebra in high school 20 some odd years ago in fact in middle school I was in pre-algebra doing great.   So how do I deal now? I solved hundreds of problems for nearly 33 hours during a 4 day period that’s how I dealt this time.  It seems your brain can only hold so much information I can feel other important information that I really need falling out the bottom as math takes its position in the forefront of my mind.  What are ya going to do I need algebra for my degree and it seems like I will use it for very little in my real life.


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