Mule Radio Syndicate – From our Ass to your Ears

This is an episode from the Mule Radio Syndicate podcast titled “No One Destroys My Family but Me”. With Mike Monteiro the co-founder of Mule Design. He writes about design, paints words, and contributes at American McCarver.
In this episode Mike interviews artist, designer and author Austin Kleon about his new book Show Your Work.  Austin tells listeners about the joys and challenges associated with being an author and a stay at home Dad.
Later Austin and Mike discuss all the difficult decisions along the road to being an independent artist, writer, designer…basically being your own business.  Question like should I work for someone else? Or should I start my own business and work part time? Or should I go back o school get get a degree? And all the other questions that can plague any creative person in  the beginnings of their career.
Concluding the show Mike asks the sixty-four million dollar question… how do you read?  What!? You might ask but believe me its a legitimate question considering who is being asked.

Anyone can scribble out words the clever part is knowing which words to leave

This is amazing art/poetry created by Austin Kleon from newspapers and a sharpie

Checkout Austin’s blog where you can get more information about all his books including the book where this piece came from:


And don’t forget to check out Mule Radio Syndicate:


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