Can digg or diigo make your life easier?

In the vastness of the internet one can get overwhelmed trying to find useful content. You could literally spend hours trying to find information, that is categorically relevant to the topic at hand, by just surfing from one site to the next getting further and further off topic. Normally when I look for information it usually involves a small number of topics generally related to web development or design of some sort. So when I get information I need it to be trustworthy, accurate and most of all up to date. Wasting time researching the validity of a source can definitely impede your productivity. Digg and Diigo intend to end all this wasted time and productivity by gathering the information your need into one place (…or two).

For example Digg is a news collector and a very popular  social news website. Digg can be added to most popular browsers with a simple to use extension. You can use this extension to add relevant content (web articles, tutorials, etc.) .  Digg can also allow you to share rss feeds on your web site or blog like you see in the side bar of this blog.  Titled “Other interesting and useful stuff” it shows my Digg rss feed if you want to see more check out my reader page:
Just paste this .rss into your reader and viola you should see what articles I’ve been reading and the web-zines they come from.

Diigo on the other hand is more that a reader you can do many things to improve your productivity and cut research time drastically.  First you can capture a webpage to read later which can be handy if you are currently in a time-crunch.  You can also save a screenshot  to capture images an text. You can share pages you like on many of the most used social media  apps.  But the single most helpful feature of this reader (in my opinion) is the ability to annotate the web page.  Highlighting text and creating notes just like you could in a physical book.  Then when you visit the page again Diigo will show your personal annotations.  Diigo will also feed to your website or blog with .rss feeds you can use.  The side side bar content titled “Want to see what I’m Reading lately?” is my Diigo feed.  The best thing about diigo is you don’t have to sign up to read what I’m reading just click here.

After using both of these websites I can see how they can be helpful when doing research or seeking reference.


2 thoughts on “Can digg or diigo make your life easier?

    • Thanks a lot Kristina I know I was difficult and apprehensive at first. Over the weekend I took some time and played around with them. At first in class I though Digg was very useful but as I explored more I found that Diggo is quite the little powerhouse. It allows you to more easily share the content you like along with great organizational tools.


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