Spring is here…finally.

droplet2cropAs Winter recedes and Spring begins to trade snow for leaves we find ourselves ending spring break at Front Range.  This was a time most people enjoy a vacation but for most students it’s catch up time.  Midterm exams and on going daily life with all it’s unforeseen mishaps and accidents creates a build up and a long list of to-do’s. Whether it’s school, work or home by this time of the semester a lot of us fall behind somewhere.  Even though you may feel overwhelmed, with everything you have to accomplish, you can’t forget to take time for yourself to unwind.  To find this elusive time that somehow manages to escape us we have to be proactive.
The First thing I do is identify my priorities making a list of four or five things that you absolutely must do or that are very important to you.  Things like school work, home repairs, time with family, even laundry if it’s that bad.  Next make a schedule of what you will do and when you are going to do it. I seem too struggle with this part, things pop up unexpected things:  Car problems; teenager problems; life problems.  I have learned that resistance is futile and any attempt to diverge from the primary directive will result in an adverse situation. Stick to the plan! After all you must remember you have an goal in the end.


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