New D7000


Well actually it’s not new but new to me…and truly that’s not true either since I have had it for over a month now.  I love the upgrade from the d5100 to the d7000.  I have more control over my images, light, and ambience.  Although it is a dx format the images are astounding.  I used this camera when I went on the trip to Nerd Nation and I was very pleased.  At 6 frames per second I was able to catch some amazing photographs (images will be posted soon).

Now for some spec’s on the equipment.  As I mentioned before it shoots at 6 frames per second so I won’t miss the shot. What’s more, you can continuously shoot at approx. 6 frames per second at both 14-bit and 12-bit A/D conversion for RAW shooting.  This camera has a wide iso range so I can shoot in a vast array of lighting situations.  Lastly the 39 point auto focus really helps keep the images clear.

I hope I have more time to experiment with this camera and see what I can create.  This Summer will be a great one with lots of memories captured and preserved.  I intend on doing some hiking and scouting to find those perfect spots where I can get the most out of my equipment.  Not to mention hired shoots where the client will be more impressed with the final results.

I love this camera.


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