Nikon D800 Personal Review

Well hi everybody!  Amy with LifeStorm Creative Media here.  I have been looking forward to posting my first blog for quite some time now. What better subject than the Nikon D800!?
The D800 is my 3rd DSLR, and quite a step up from both the D5000 and  D5100 that preceded it. It is my first FX camera and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t absolutely in love!
The thing that drew me to the D800 to begin with was 36.3 megapixels of course! Not so much because I want to blow my pictures up to the size of my house, but because the “cropability” of this camera is second to none. I am one of those shooters who frames my shot, but then in post process I might find a better, tighter crop. I don’t have to worry about sacrificing size or quality if I want to crop down to ridiculous levels.
Another thing that was so exciting about upgrading to the D800 was the ability to change all of my settings with the touch of a button without having to pull the camera from my eye to enter the menu. The top-view panel has made life quite a bit easier, and as I have become accustomed to it I am now able to change white balance, ISO, image quality and bracketing options while looking through the viewfinder, without having to fiddle around in the lcd screen trying to locate my settings.
The last thing I want to mention here about the D800 is the great functionality in low light situations. When shooting events where I want to interfere as little as possible with flash, the D800 has done me right at ISO levels up to 1600, even 2500 with very little noise production. Of course it is best to keep that ISO low, but in a pinch the high ISO capabilities of this camera are just what you need!
I can honestly say that as of yet I have not found another camera that I wish to upgrade to. The D800 works great for me, we get along well, and together- we make beautiful imagery.

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