Can You Say Creative Block?

I have been having this happen to me lately:

I sit down at the laptop and head over to my blog.
I click create new post and the interface opens up.
Then I stare at it…sometimes for over an hour I’m staring and trying to find something on the net I can talk about.
Finally I turn it off in frustration.

I want original quality content not the cookie cutter content so popular today.  Life is to short to produce or re-produce crap.  I am quite busy with school, work, clients and the dreaded algebra.  So one might think I have plenty to write about…right?  Not so much when I begin thinking about a topic I hear this voice in my head saying:

Write something people want to read.
Make sure it’s accurate.
Does this fit with my branding and marking?(Though this post doesn’t particularly fit)
Do people want to read this.
What about SEO?
and on and on and on till finally I give up.

So this morning I decided skip the voice and just put my fingers on the keyboard and create words to form sentences and eventually paragraphs. Forget about doubts forget about everything and trust yourself.  Just get something on the screen and work with it.

I’m sure other people have had this problem and I am just people too so I have to concede to the question:

Will this one post destroy my blogging career?…I doubt it but it.

But is something always better then nothing?  If the content is boring or uninformative is it better to not post anything at all? That I believe is the most important question I need to consider when I create a post.

So I did what I always do…I Google’d it! And like a trusted friend it came though.  I found this great article on how to beat writers block.  It really helped me put things into perspective.

So if you, like literally thousands of other people, get the occasional blockage you should take a quick read.


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